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        1. Well Knight Co., Ltd.

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          Well Knight Co., Ltd.
          TEL : 86-886-8862228938 / FAX : 86-886-8862228938 / Mobile :
          3FL, NO.21 ALLEY 67, LANE 38 YEONGLEH ST. LU CHOU State City China [CN]
          Contact Name :
          Business Type
          Trading Company
          Company Advantage
          Detail Company Introduction
          We want to purchase electronic parts as follow

          1. MCR12DCM or MCR12DSM SMD 20K pcs.
          2. S4010DS2 or S6010DS2 or S4010DS3 or S6010DS3 SMD 20K pcs.
          3. TS820-600B or TS1220-600B SMD 20K pcs.
          4. TN805-600B or TN1205-600B SMD 20K pcs.
          5. TN815-600B or TN1215-600B SMD 20K pcs.

          Looking forward to hear from you soon,
          Thanks and with best regards,

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          Address : (Hwanghwa B/D 11F, Yeoksam-dong)320, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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